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  1. Hi all, just want to give my testimony about Bike Rescue. They are seriously super service orientated. Firstly, very punctual. I was at work, so told them to meet me after work, at 6. Got back they were waiting there liao, with the bike in the van. Apparently as i was chatting with Mike, they have a service that they will bring the bike over to the workshop, and then once settled, they will bring the bike back for 1 flat fee. Which is great for people with not much free time to travel up and down. Secondly, they recommended a nearer bike shop from my place, after dropping me off there, they stayed to make sure everything was fine before leaving. And as fate would have it, the bike shop could not settle my problem, Mike then towed my bike to another shop. All this without any extra charges. Excellent! Overall, have to say Mike and Gf are very service orientated. Pricing wise, also very reasonable!! Kudos!!
  2. erm, isn't brake dust supposed to be blackish? A friend mentioned that if the EO touch water, it turns whitish, but i doubt so as my filler cap is v v tight. any other reason for the talcum white dust? just want to check if it is a symptom of something, otherwise minor then,... Thanks anyway. anyway, also tend to get a problem with changing down my gears; the pedal seems to drop suddenly (the feeling, u know u know??) from 3rd to 2nd, then it ends up in Neutral, and when i kick it to 1st, it has a very stomach twisting "CLANG!" sound. At first i thought i did not clutch in fully and thats why the gears meshed or stm. however, when it happened again, i consciously clutched in all the way. Ended with the same sickening "CLANG!". Noticed this happens only when i'm kicking the gears fast on the move. And it happens occasionally, but too much of an occasion for me to ignore. Is it my clutch is too tight? needs to be loosen?? Help, thanks.
  3. White powdery dust. Does anyone here know why i keep getting white powdery dust like thing on my front right side? keep getting it on the fender and frame only. Wiping it off but it still keeps coming back. Is it a symptom from my engine or something or it's from the places that i ride?? Any feedback would be appreciated, Thanks.
  4. Hi all, So I decided to wash my bike today, at the same time clean the chain as it was grimey; thanks to all the rainy journeys I've been taking. Busy wiping the chain with a cloth when I saw this little thingy sticking out from 1 of the links. Was thinking,'Wow, got twig that got caught, lucky cleaning chain, shall pull it out.' Guess what i pulled put..... An O-ring!!!! ARghh!! [email protected] The best part, I only just changed the chain and sprocket about a mth ago only... And to think i've been religiously waxing the chain every 4-5 days of riding. 2 qns: 1)Just how long can i ride before the whole thing snaps and flings towards me. Basically how critical is that 1 o-ring?? (dun crack any 'The chain is as strong as it's weakest link' metaphors ok?) Can i actually ride to work and go down to the shop on Wedl when i'm free? 2)If No, it has to be done ASAP, any motor shops opened tmr, Sunday?? No rite?? Need to dig out my EZ link card liao. **HAi** HeLP...HElp....help. Seriously, did this ever happen to anyone b4? I'm so lucky ah?
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