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  1. toshiorone

    My Gixxer 1000 '09

    This are the photo collection of my GSXR 1000 '09. Enjoy.
  2. Hi bro i need another plate. Coz its already warped coz of the heat. haha..

  3. Eh bros, if any of you want to spray rims and collect it on the same day. But the quality must be there too la ok. Khekhekhe..Contact me also ok. I want to spray my rims too. From gold to black. The look of the gold rim with the grease is so terrible. And anyways, shahrul mentioned 'balancing', is there a need to do? I just got my guard fixed on my rear wheel, they took out the wheel to fix it. need balancing after that? why? and what if I dont do balancing after that? where to do? how much $$ ? Normal bike shops in SG do balancing too? etc... Hehs.. Hope can answer my question(s).. Th
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