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  1. Very rare CB400SS in all-stock condition. Low mileage. Never seen a better condition one. COE till Feb 2028 renewable Contact me at 88177166. Loan can be arranged. Pictures of Bike
  2. Details of Bike HONDA CB400X Colour : White Engine No. : NC47E5000172 Chassis No. : JH2NC479XEK000180 Original Registration Date: 09 Apr 2015 Mileage : 33k Selling at $13,088 Loan is available subject to conditions. Please call John at 62816520 or whatsapp 96689088 Pictures of Bike
  3. Hi bro. Are the panniers still avail? Is tis just able to clip onto hepco side rack without modification? Please do contact me at 96689088. Thanks. Sent from my ASUS_Z00UD using Tapatalk
  4. Brembo

    Harley Riders gather

    Finally joining the harley family with a sportster custom i bought second hand. have been in the forum long but learning all the time. need you guys advices along the way. 请多多指教!
  5. Bro... u wait...u wait...i will join u....someday...
  6. Brembo

    Harley Riders gather

    hehe i think he probably meant he got another similar offence modding another bike thatt he owned tat time. not the same bike lah hehe
  7. Brembo

    Harley Riders gather

    Sure thing bro. we keep in touch. I am contactable at 9668 9088. Think have to give up the thot of after market mufflers for the time being.
  8. Brembo

    Harley Riders gather

    hey bro, wats your ride? yeah lets meet when my ride is here, estimate 2nd week Jan.
  9. Brembo

    Harley Riders gather

    hey guys... am waiting for my 1200 custom. Are there any sportster people i could meet up and ride with?
  10. hey bro, sorry for the late reply...was getting too many messages. your 75th anni roadster sure is a nice catch.


    i used mineral for my oil but i change them every 5k. I myself is not very technically inclined, but we could meet sometimes with a few of my budget beemer friends and chat about servicing.


    Our common mechanic is Alan of Perfection Motors at [email protected] Bukit.

    I would once in a while drop by there after work, see if you are keen, we could meet there sometimes after work.


    I could be contActed at 9668 9088.


    Hear from you soon!

  11. in fact there is already about 5 units sold and legally on the road.
  12. Bro, call Alvin at 9645 7667 for more information on the PGO 3-wheel
  13. it is a confirmed fact that locally you require a bike license for MP3s. Whrere as for place like France, a car license can allow you to ride a scooter 125cc and below.
  14. nauhia...boss planning to reg 2 scooters for me. one is Xevo...another is....a secret! (knn, I talked like small kid like that )
  15. so long never come in here to chat liao.... hello everyone~! (abit cheesy form of salutation) hehe...i might have a "new" scooter to ride yahhoo!
  16. Latest news....Do not think that the Fuoco will be selling in Singapore. Thats should be the latest decision from Piaggio. Those who are waiting for it...please cry your heart out.
  17. ya, prob they didnt reset the counters. Dont worry, if you have done your servicing, thats fine. The light-up goes by mileage, its just a fyi indication.
  18. Happy New Year Guys... Rekindling this thread... this is not exactly my ride, but this baby's been with me for a while, thru the highs and lows of NS highways and the land of smiles. http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d83/cyanhan/Moto%20Guzzi/IMG_0188.jpg http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d83/cyanhan/johnsignature.jpg
  19. hey Sufie bro... sad to hear your encounters! but really, as long as you are ok, the rest can be managed to fix and repair. Saw your scoot at my side...guess the mechs will come together for an operation on your ride next week...hope everything's fine. if you got any enquiries, call for Mr Yap.
  20. hi guys... there are still some polo tees uncollected.... Please refer to the name list below... 1. smiley bear / 98760314 / XL / 1 piece – paid 2. william_liu / 97300167 / M / 1 piece – paid 3. DimboB / 97631136 / L / 1 Piece / XL / 1 Piece – paid 4. Bryantlin / 98627734 / L / 1 Piece / ladies S / 1 piece - paid 5. pearl / 9225208 / Ladies S / 1 Piece – paid 6. TWPrince / 81188702 / S / 1 Piece – paid 7. sabbaha / 92411271 / S / 1 piece – paid 8. jasonyeo123 / 98769436 / men M / 1 pcs – paid 9. florence / 91714584 / Ladies L / 1 pc – paid 10. JasonChew / 9171
  21. Greeting members, Welcome to the SBF Scooter Community. Home of ALL scooterists. In this Community, we encourage sharing of knowledge and to provide a condusive place for all scooterists to gather, create bonding and provide assistance to those in need. At the same time, we also must stress the benefit of co-existence for all brands, make and models towards the direction of SingaporeBikes.com, Where Singaporean Bikers Unite! In here, we are constantly improving ourselves and try our utmost to make this community a pleasant place to be in. A recurring problem forumers faced is the lack
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