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  1. Nice! was thinking of scrapping my PB1 but this may change my mind
  2. Hi any pics to share and i'm guessing u are talking abt the cb250. pm me for a viewing thanks!
  3. dudes sorry to interrupt the thread but as a rider pls help http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php?t=234001
  4. Hi only way to go bro..Termis! even valentino has 1 heheh hasn't seem to do harm for retaining his title has it? vince kam from pg99 seems to have some extras,mayb u can give him a call..cheers
  5. perhaps our bro here has some personal axe to grind..spuah live n let live la.. let's concentrate on the important stuff..will nicky hayden win the GP and what happened to capriex in portugal man
  6. Nope bro just passing the message..mayb u shld clear up with him if that's the case..
  7. Bro Sorry u sold ur bike so soon..btw mike was saying u have 1 of his batteries?mayb u cd drop it at his place some time.. cheers
  8. hi ducatitian n yohji glad to catch up w u guys again(incl new monster owner n the gentleman with the 748 exhust sweet) at kallang cycle today.. yohji sorry to have lost u bro at the PIE,hope find the grips..
  9. Thanks!any problems with the work so far?it's a pity u cant make it.supposed to be this friday.7pm.haven't checked my invitation yet but i'm sure they won't reject a duc owner right?
  10. HI seen your beauty or is it beast at mike's...sweet.sorry but have a question(alt i know you've posted it before) whr did u get your pipes powder coated?was thinking of doing the same for my ride.what was the damage..thanks n hope to see u at the Minerva launch cheers
  11. sorry to butt in guys,have to find a new home for my monstie http://www.singaporebikes.com/forum/index....showtopic=96777
  12. Thanks to everyone showing interest in the bike,just would like to answer some queries.basically it's stock additionals would be termis,a screen,custom seat,carbon fibre rear mud guard,.the bike is red with a white strip down the tank.pics? i'll post them when i have them there's abt 3 years left on the coe,nice 2 digit plate no..thanks if mods wanna move this to garage i've no objections.
  13. should be a 4, how abt u need help to choose ride?heheh
  14. hey ayu u sell ur valkyrie?in a way upgrading lah..italian mistress,if all goes well
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