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  1. Up for sale. Selling for 7.5k
  2. Hi all, i'm intending to buy the new tmax dx version. U guys mind sharing which shop have the best offer for it? can share the otr price w/o insurance? I heard HL need to pre order as currently no stock. Thank u all in advance!
  3. Up for sale. Selling for 7.5k
  4. Bike Details: FBH Plate Coe: 14 Feb 2023 Road Tax: Aug 2017 Milleage: about 23,000 Accessories: Brembo Brake Pump Domino Fast throttle Ohlins Shock Street Legal Arrow(previous owner lost the cert it. Have to make new one. Inspection passed in Feb 2017) Few months old sportec m5 tyres(less than 5,000 milleage) Reason for selling: Bought this bike last year July to try out 2stroke sportsbike. Not comfortable to pillion, so under-utilised. Bought it when the milleage was only around 21,000. Have other bikes, so this one spend most of the time at the carpark. Price: $8500 full
  5. Hi guys, need your advise. Anyone ever change their rectifier? I was quote $300 plus for sportster model 2009 rectifier. Not sure about the market price. Please advised. Thank u in advance.
  6. Anyone else wanna let go their suction pillion seat?i'm interested also.thanks
  7. Hi guys, i'm selling a brand new gmax G55s half-helmet. If interested, pm me. Thank you. http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php/368380-Brand-New-Gmax-Half-Helmet-for-Cruiser!!
  8. Hi bros, can i know where in sg can i buy novelty helmet that most harley riders are wearing?i know it's not dot approved but just wondering where can i buy those helmet?how much usually does it cost? Thank you in advance.
  9. Hi guys, anyone here know how to disconnect the side stand switch for sportster 2009 model. Read online and found out that this is quite common for harley bikes to have problem with the side stand switch. Sadly, my sporty was infected with this 'sickness'. Whenever i clutch in, the bikes seems like going to shut down but once the clutch was released, it will be back running. Anyone faced with this kind of problem before?
  10. Hi guys, Anyone can enlightened me on which shop in sg can i get a half-cap helmet just like the attached photo? Saw quite a no of harley riders wearing it. Not looking for Harley brand but any brand will do. I bought mine online but turn out to be big. Quite a hassle to order again and have to wait for 3 - 4 weeks. Any recommendation where to get it and estimately how much does it cost? Thanks so much.
  11. Hi guys, anyone selling their modified original exhaust? For 2009 xl1200 nightster.please pm me. LOUD PIPE SAVE LIFES!!!!!
  12. Sold to me!!haha.thanks justin. U too will soon get ur dream bike!
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