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  1. ç¥ä½ ç¦å¦‚æ±æµ·å£½æ¯”å—山。è€å¤§é•·å‘½ç™¾æ­²!! è€å¤§ä¸‡å²ä¸‡å²ä¸‡ä¸‡å²ï¼ï¼

    è€å¤§ï¼Œæˆ‘會永é æ”¯æŒä½ ã€‚發啊

  2. Lao Da, Happy Birthday!


  3. these are honda cub kias..... 125cc bikes with modified racks at the rear & side to secure your baggages. Cuong rents them for US$10 per day as oppose to the Russian Minsk for US$6 per day.
  4. Round 37 - Ice Cream Chefs Outing Date: 20 Feb 08 (Wed) Time: 1900hrs Meet: East Coast Park Food Centre (Will leave for Ice Cream Chefs by 2015hrs) 520 East Coast Road #01-06 (Ocean Park) Tel: 64466355 Beside St. Patricks School & Along East Coast Road. Official Website Interested parties, pls add name. 1. redname (organiser) 2. [email protected][email protected] 3. bigcow & wife 4. leong ms 5. euz 6. Please bring along your own spoon.. Back to the old place. http://photos-984.friendster.com/e1/photos/48/97/3507984/1_206961082l.jpg
  5. Source: Alissa, West Coast Ride Thailand Co Ltd The Biggest Motorcycle event in South East Asia Celebrating 14 years of Phuket Bike Week on an international scale and for the First Time Phuket Motorcycle Exhibition on the 10-12 April 2008. Phuket Riders Club, Ride Thailand Magazine along with the Big Bikers Of Phuket Island would like to take this opportunity to invite everybody to be part of the Phuket Bike Week 2008. This year will see the first Annual of the Phuket Motorcycle Exhibition on the 10-12th of April 2008 which is a must for all bike lovers, and an excellent pl
  6. thats the suzuki b-king, with super-charged engine claiming over 200bhp.... definately not street legal in singapore. refer to this page (scroll to bottom)
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