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  1. hey, for the i touch.. how low can you go??

  2. bro 850 can deal in oct 12.. n the voucher can last how long?

  3. hi is the ps3 still available?

  4. Wow, thats cool....up.....

  5. wah ur b'day 9th feb ah..same here:)

  6. Omg , than no space to put thing already... How much can this tank clock? any idea?
  7. than hope its true haha.... at least one near my house area will be the best...
  8. I also just hear say only... but if is cheap also not bad,ut u always have to frequent to west side to pump gas....
  9. but the gas station is only located at west side only.....
  10. i heard about this from my friend... airwave about $49,000.. isit true...
  11. any 1 know how much is the fine for ERP?
  12. How many of u install alarm on ur gilera? any intro ?
  13. so must changed new one? around how much u know?
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