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  1. Upz for u la~~~ Suddenly all selling bike
  2. Yup. Stalking plus see see look look at bike lor~
  3. Upz for you~~~ HEHEHEHEHE. Owner take care of his bike alot
  4. Camel, please refrain using name. Thanks *peace*
  5. lwfc: I am back already. Still so happening here. Whr got MIA. I did come in and see see. But nv post much. :X
  6. seems to be a long long time that I posted in SBF. HELLO GUYS
  7. Hi brother and sister, I got some question to ask. Maybe many peoples ask before already. Issit good to change to sp carb? How much to change back to stock?? New to this bike.
  8. I did login to see and look. Never really go and comment on stuffs. I now also busy with NS. No time to get a ride. Maybe after my taiwan trip first
  9. hello!!! How u all going tml?? I maybe taking shuttle bus leh!
  10. HAHAHA! Dun like this la. I got 1 year plus left Hello Paper plane!!! Hello LW!!!! U where got new rider?
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