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  1. I experience this issue before when I was riding in KL with some friends last time, really a panic situation. Anyway I think it is an issue with the brake pad material because I don't belief brake pad can be glazed so easily. Now I am always more careful with it and uses the front more often.
  2. My bike not very old, 03 model. It is not "pinging" sound, more like "clacking" sound of chain loosen.
  3. Ride my bike over to Hong Leong to have the mechanic check my bike regarding the abnormal metal knocking noise this morning. I think it might be the timing chain getting loose When I left the place I saw a red FJR riding into HL. The bike belongs to any bro here? If I leave the place a bit later, I will have the chance to say hi to you. I was waiting at the bus stop for my bus, no bike, no car, taxi so expensive, bo bian
  4. No lah, bro Casper was referring to the "extra" foot rest for the pillion that was installed on bro Deanz4 FJR. I was curious about it too, thought new FJR comes with extra features. BTW, bro Deanz4, very nice foot rest you have there
  5. Hi Deanz4, your pipe is it sounds like many2 bikes riding all together, Rumble,rumble,.................... Last time at my place car park heard a loud rumble coming but when I turn around, I just saw one FJR riding towards me, nod my head and this Malay guy return my greetings by nodding his head too I think his pipes was the Remus something, I not sure BTW the sound quite scary if comes suddenly, can give heart attack to old man
  6. But if for $1k we might as well buy a full fledge lap top, just add one or two hundred more. I am attracted to this because of the price and size.
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