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  1. knock knock, anyone here ?
  2. seems like dead thread here... i got M821 with rear break issue rear breaks not spongy and not biting most of the time. bleed it but doesnt solve... anyone experienced before ?
  3. hello peeps.. anyone letting go or monster Termi ?
  4. knock knock.. anyone here ?
  5. Hi 85 bullet, you can check out planet motor.. Ah Chong ..


    3007 Ubi Road 1

    6747 4740


    he will help you with export process

  6. Hi


    Im refering to a post regarding exporting bike to indonesia. Basically what i need to do is to deregister and put it into a crate for ship ment? Plz do sms or whatsapp me @ 93696512. Thank you.

  7. Hi Hi... nope.. no more blades for me...

    with baby, harmful objects are locked away liao... =)

  8. Hi, Still collecting blades?

    Maybe one day we can order them together to share the freight.

  9. kmax

    Harley Riders gather

    may be they go for Bersih rally.. http://seapa.files.wordpress.com/2007/11/bersih.jpg
  10. 1. engine oil.. oil filter.. spark plug... just regular stuff like that same as any other bike. 2. coolant, just flush and change once a year. 3. front fork can tune the soften or harden with flat head screw driver just easy to play around .. nothing will go wrong. * i have not tried to play around with rear suspension. 4. TDM can tune CO ratio (fuel mixture rich or lean) and TPS (throttle position sensor) by dashboard. read through the manual for diagnosis section. or try to look for yellow TDM at LC food court ..
  11. not H&B. they use Touratech design.. even the name is Tourfella... they also have smaller / slimmer version. TH is planning to get the small one too.
  12. nice ... welcome to TDM thread... enjoy the bike and let us know if u need any info. firstly.. you need some stickers on your white TDM. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/0/06/Yamaha_TDM_900_Army_Police.jpg http://www.sportbikes.net/forums/attachments/fz6/126368d1181720334-next-cop-bike-normal_tp_tdm.jpg http://www.yamaha-motor.ch/german/Images/tdm1_tcm40-252426.jpg
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