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  1. Start with basic mineral 2T such as Shell advance. 20ml is enough for a 10 litre tank.

    Avoid semi-synthetic as they may/will apparently form deposits when burnt.

    Don't go for the most expensive 2T as IMO, it defeats the purpose of this cheap engine tuning trick. Namely, it must be cheap.


    500ml Shell Advance 2T (yellow bottle mineral one) = $5.35. Enough for 25 full tanks. Use Shell 95/98 + Shell 2T = cheaper than V Power

  2. Hey thanks for your informative posts in the thread regarding 2T in 4 stroke engines. As I'm interested to give this a go, could I kindly enquire which 2T oil would be great to start off with?


    Thanks again!

  3. so you[re a missile boat kinda person? lol. my nick in game is fingolfin, if you happen to see me.

  4. The most fun MW4 matches are those that involve huge battles, static battle lines and combined-arms tactics. Heck, the flying LRMs are graphically, the most entertaining thing in the game.

  5. Usually there are more (30-50) players in the mornings as its evening in the US. but sure, ill be waiting. lol! I pretty much can pilot just about anything ;)

  6. Yeah, its still great fun even after all these years. Mektek's made it a lot easier now, just get their tool called MTX, let it download and install the whole game automatically and that's it! No more fiddling with the whole lot of patches from MP1, that was a pain in the ass back in the day. It'd be really cool if more players from our time zone would play, it gets pretty quiet sometimes when the other half of the world is asleep.

  7. happened to check out your email on your website on fb and saw you play mechwarrior too. nice! you play mw4 mercenaries online? i'm (still)there sometimes.

  8. The smaller dude with the spectacles? He appears to be still under training. He's the one that did my 'racing' clutch replacement a few days ago. He was very easy to joke with and looked to like his job. This was however a Thursday afternoon/evening where the crowd was more or less manageable.
  9. I just saw in the video the "two men" walking towards the Seletar end of the bridge just as main force started off. Spooky. There was also the ah pek phantom sneaking up the pavement like a ninja using some planks to mount the kerb. @tankee1981 did inform me beforehand the route could be usable by road-going traffic already. Noted your comment earlier that we should adopt an alternate night and day schedule for the rides; this we should put up for discussion first because I find the dawn schedule is much more entertaining and safer too for everyone. Human alertness tends to "increase" at fi
  10. Ah Chong needs more mechanics to keep up with demand. Or else, overworked crew = standard sure not as good one.
  11. LOL it was fun road drama. I used the Ducato van (yes that's really the van's name) as a battering ram to clear the last bit. Until the driver got confused about the lane markings lol. You had a Super Four tailing you as though he wanted to join the convoy. Upload of these HD videos is quite hellish, the first part you saw had been uploading since dinner time yesterday, and Episode 2: The Forbidden Highway starring the recon detachment is due out in a couple of hours. I also bought ourselves a domain name via a US web host and will be putting up the website together plus pillow displ
  12. Thanks Boon Kiat and @eddy for co-leading part 1 of yesterday's ride - and @xindes + @2wheels for guest starring lol. Part 1 of the video: [video=youtube;s-Mk4ZKksng]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-Mk4ZKksng
  13. @xindes nice having you in the group Today was a very efficient trip across northern Singapore, providing battle fleet escort to many Malaysian commuters along Admiralty Rd. Not everyday you get to "officially" open new roads, cutting travel time from Seletar to Punggol in half We met an awesome Steed rider (and wife) at the end point outside Anchorvale Macdonalds too
  14. Oh look, its 0330h. Soon we can say the magic words Autobots, move out! lol
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