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  1. what bike you riding? based on my ride, i prefer my clutch to be the long one (cause i am using my four fingers to pull the clutch lever, its pretty stiff) and for my brake, i prefer shorty ones as i only uses my index and middle finger to activate the brakes
  2. Bike: 2005, zx-6r Purpose: Commuting, and some adrenaline rush at times Gear ATT (all the time): 1. Full face helmet 2. Leather gloves 3. Riding jacket with elbow,back and shoulder inserts 4. my good old caterpillar shoes 5. normal jeans sometimes due to meetups with non-biker friends or other function. i would strip down to just a full face helmet. but, when that has to happen, i would be taking public transport
  3. must be your tuning bah.. for me my low end no change, mid end got improve nia..
  4. i think all S4 can fit. depends on how is it done nia.. i was told spec 2 is the most difficult de
  5. okie, i am going to ask hkl, unique for quotations lah.. so stay tune.
  6. i think flashing beams are not effective as slowing down and tapping your horns. haha
  7. u cond to ride.. den hope someone bang your backside and u claim from him loh.. haha
  8. i am planning to get from hkl.. if not, seng kwang can offer damn solids ones but damn ex.. more than $220. i just need a number of who interested den i ask for quotations
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