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  1. Normally I don't seal the inner seams. Just seal the external seams. The Seam Sure water base seam seal is virtually not noticeable when fully cured. If you brave enough and want to seal inner seam. Slowly remove the stitching for the inner netting, don't remove all just the side you think would expose most of the seams. Then seam seal the inside seams. Once all cured, sew back the inner netting and seal the part you sew back. Best remove stitching of netting on the lower part of your raincoat, cause it's less likely to leak there. Even if it leaks your rainpants usually cover that part. If
  2. True true, I see alo of fellow bikers complaining.. Especially those saying, "buy so expensive gear for what. After few years also leak, tear, etc..." If you don't really know how to take care, yes your gear after few years can throw away. Well taken care, some of the expensive/quality gear can outlast your bike... Hmmm... I think i already stated to only let bike gear air dry. Maybe should state like what u said never dry under sun cos people might not understand what air dry means. Edit: I read my post again, i did state never to dry leather under the sun.. hehehe I think u also mis
  3. Many of us here in wet wet Singapore own a Raincoat, Bike Cover, Riding Jacket, pants, etc... Many of us noticed that after a few months, no matter how expensive our gear are. No matter how waterproof the manufacturer claims are, it will finally leak, tear and get dirty. I decided to write a guide on how to properly maintain your gear to extend the life of it. Whether its a $25 bike cover from Ah Boy, SAF Goretex raincoat, RS Taichi Raincoat, boots etc... This guide is from my own experience with products availabe in Singapore, most of the product can last me a year or more if used sp
  4. hey how much for the hawk 2 set lens ar?

  5. Thanxz!!! Up for yr sales ; )

  6. Hi Bro,


    Bad news, i dont have any RX inserts for feather 2 at home.. BTW, your PM box full thats y i msg u here.

  7. http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=RAl5l9oEx8mgv4Rg0WtN4w_3d_3d


    Hey cyben could you help me fill up this survey:) it would really help me as i am starting a sunglass company and you just like myself is selling sunglasses as well. Would give me a good perspective:)

  8. Most of us don't know what to do at an accident scene, often we make matters worst.. Read up: Accident Scene Management As motorcycle riders we are all aware of the inherent dangers and risks that we take when we mount our bikes and head out to enjoy a good ride. Yes, it is that part of our shared passion that many of us don't want to think about. However, these dangers and risks become all too apparent when we are faced with situations when a fellow rider is involved in an accident. Whether you are riding alone or in a group and you find yourself in a situation where a rider has gone
  9. Signal relay anyone? ---> http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php?t=179518
  10. Singal relay anyone? ----> http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php?t=179518
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