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  1. Hey bro, u selling bitubo without braket how to fixed on???

  2. R1 rider so much~ onli so few order Ar?? R1 n R6 must be united mah~ lol~
  3. if iM not wrong should be 2.75 litre as i see that how much they pour~
  4. so hOw has the tee came to a final idea ??
  5. Hi guys there is a concern here for some time for meet ups, i would need all the bros here to state name,ride and mobile+msn for quick contacts for outings. R6 Riders: 1. Lamerfornica (Dave)/R607 Black/90268206/[email protected] 2. RAKz (Andy)/R608 Blue/98225872/[email protected] 3. wildboyz78 (Kamal)/R607 Blue/98422131/[email protected] 4. [email protected] (Marcus)/R607/96655353/[email protected] 5. tongkol (Sufiyan)/R608 White/90212583/[email protected] 6. Mich (Michael)/R607 Black/97380060/[email protected] 7. DC84/R608 White/96269165/[email protected] 8
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