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  1. Hi anyone know where i can get customized leather (or equivalent) wrap done for tank and maybe cowl for my bike. Side note, which HD group hangs out at Changi V? Thx in advance..
  2. bro, did u install ape hangers for ur shadow 400>?

  3. Jani!!! Yo!!!! Id be joining u man!!!

  4. Yeap...I'm buying a van from Renault.. got only a T-shirt...but with a 2K discount on the price tag. Plus they didnt charge me extra when COE shot up from 4K to 7K... But service kinda slacking man...
  5. Wa imagine you ask...now economy down sales down so adding freebies wont hurt but sure help... But since u deal on the bike and black and white is out dont think they will bother giving any unless they are super nice. But no harm asking. We singaporeans are thicked skin by nature.. I bet u ppl who get a ferrari will ask for more than they can bargain for too...
  6. Gloves will help reduce most vibes... See my avatar of the Kong with the Apes...
  7. Its under the same family...see here to differentiate http://www.harley-davidson.com/wcm/Content/Pages/2008_Motorcycles/2008_Motorcycles.jsp?locale=en_US See under TOURING...
  8. The blue flame one? Electra Glide i think..
  9. Madman must call or sms... try not to PM
  10. Madman got [email protected] saddle.... Can fit open face helmet...it look like those below im using
  11. If wanna get the cheapest one just to get a feel i suggest u just get a normal 2nd hand one....Got one selling 9K only in the forum...nicely done up...go search... its an almost 10 year old bike....but Harleys have lasting engines i believe...
  13. Wat are the side effects of backfiring?
  14. Ok... But it seems its like he was purposely doing it...not becoz of the idling...
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