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  1. Bro! dnt knw if u rmb me. Jordan here. Heard u are back at occi place and heard from occi u working on my bike. Hows the progress uh?

  2. hello..

    how are you bro..

  3. Bro, any ideas on where I can get spark carburetor, block and piston at a reasonable price? Or at least can I have an idea on how much they cost. Thank you!

  4. Yes yes. 4 bottles of it. Hahaha Good for u bro! Anyway if anyone's interested, i got disc brake lock and fork legs, those aftermarket ones. "Trusty" Brand. never use before
  5. bro.. saw some of ur post abt takasago rims.. hw much izzit at chong aik? cn msg me at 92715399..

  6. i buying spake 125 for $1800 to 2k anyone selling

  7. bro i now using stock x1r pipe, you still looking for one?

  8. Can join club spankies?

  9. chatroom #h4hahak1m :lol:

  10. May i join?? Add me pls, thnks!:shy:

  11. hi bro, Can joiN???add me in..thaNkz..

  12. kao bwk moto ape? tk nampak pun kt workshop?

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