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  1. hey any idea who's local distributor for "bitubo"? Heard they have steering dampers for CB900F How much u spend on the radiator mesh?
  2. poor grounding? check spark plug? ignition coil faulty? check starter switch cabling...
  3. that would be awfully wrong, cause the aim of gear up is safety. Aim of school, impart good road education and safety to all students. FF link with "racer", sensible as it offer the best protection for rider... did anyone ever seen a GP rider with OF helmet/shorts/slippers? Hot? Well I dorn my gear during hot afternoon... yes it might be uncomfortable, once you hit the road, air circulate through the mesh of your jacket and bring down the heat significantly.
  4. you should focus on riding gear, FF helmet, gloves and jacket... they benefit u while u on the road.
  5. can go for side pannier... but can't store helmet
  6. hey, which st-fighter you own currently? Mine a CB400 look alike bike too... but I find her neat and real cool
  7. thanks dude, I have checked with "Matris" they indeed carry steering damper for CB900F. Their method of installing very neat no drilling required. I still fond of super four pillion peg, wanna have similar peg on my ride but dimension is a concern. So you're targeting for fully adjustable fork?
  8. hmmm I'm not sure who's fauzi or choi, I just check with them through online inquiry. Online? Do you mean ebay? Oh man, I still think of replacing OEM peg with Rizoma... without replacing the step.
  9. I find that its hard to say which is good, I would suggest you write down more of your helmet criteria... like ya mention good ventilation, pay a visit to bike store look out for their helmet and try them out. Slowly narrow down and conclude your choice.
  10. I wonder do you guy ever adjust your bike preload?
  11. there's always room for everyone... which model hornet you bought? Despite 250, quite good in horse power. I'm riding a 919
  12. I bet most bike shop should fufill your request, you just wanna have a bypass switch for the headlamp?
  13. they claimed that FU helmet are much bigger in shell size. I'm using OGK FF4, not in your list... Personally find it light, ventilation good (tend to fog up if atmospheric temperature lower than inside) decently priced too. By the way what helmet you using now?
  14. eh do you mean, you wanna know which shop in singapore carries the above mentioned parts?
  15. Mine a 900 version, nice pick up but I still prefer the engine "tone" which CB400SF produced. Kind of like a blend of modern n classic styling... Speed Triple too came with twin center up exhaust, another st fighter with similar design are Aprillia Shiver and Fazer600... Speed Triple a 3 cylinder monster rite?
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