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  1. bro your s4 discbrake secondhand..?

  2. Lol.. Yalor. Its super ex now
  3. 4rooms. Crazy price but wat to do? If dun buy nw, d price will even gp higher.
  4. I say go to unique an change tyres. They r having a sale now! Haha. Do not play wit tyres. They are ur only contact btwn the road and u
  5. Whoa! Jurong! Anw, i jus got a bto flat at sengkang. 310,000 for a 5th floor unit. Haizz..
  6. Wah?!?! 480? I spent 410 on rectifier batt and coil. Wer did u do urs?
  7. U stay other place on weekends?
  8. Im doin fine. Wat abt u?? Long time nv see ur buke arnd?
  9. Even if it produce heat, the radiaotor should be able to cool it down. Furthermore ur travelling at 110 all the way. Ters wind blowing the bike. Do check ur coolant hoses. Maybe its stucked.
  10. I tink recession is coming soon. However, price of flats will still sustain.
  11. Drop by how much?? I tink no matter wat the savings still substantial.
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