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  1. The R6 always looks funny to me with its big air intake in the middle between the headlights like an insect head. No offence Yamaha lovers, just how i see the R6..
  2. When will the K9 model be previewed anyone knows? If the K9 is almost like K7 then i willing to wait for it.
  3. LOL no need go... u can always hear the liverpool fans singing from the ur TV set.. YNWA!!
  4. Any bros who have used it can share more info on the mode selectors? Do you fiddle with the mode selector alot? IMO I think they add it to the 600 also not alot of use unlike its 1000 brother. Oh yea another thing i would like to ask is how long does it take from the official release of a bike till it reach our Singapore shores?
  5. If u like this design, then i guess u like CBRs-type of bikes bah
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