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  1. Yup yup. I put it back on thecharger after a day of 'rest'. No more whistling and the charger's LED has switched to indicate that it is set to trickle charge. Thanks mates.
  2. hey all, I've got a spare CDI for the GK76A. Dun need it anymore cos I sold off my bikey. If any of you chaps need it, I'm letting it go at $80. I'm not really sure if it still works so will test out on your bikey if you want it before we do any monetary transaction. I may have an OEM air filter lying around somewhere too that was used for a coupla weeks only. If I can find it, I will let go at $10. Drop me a PM if you guys are interested.
  3. the heatsink is attached to the rectifier (converts the AC to DC current). Seems like your rectifier may be fried. if you unscrew the rectifier from the frame and look on the underside, you may see that it has melted.
  4. Hi all, Just bought a new battery from Ah Boy. It a maintenance free Yuasa. Anyway, after filling it up with the liquid, I put it on my battery charger(Charger is a Vanson and pumps out abt 1Amp or so) to get it to be fully charged up. After an hour or so, the battery starts to whistle(venting gas i think) every 5 mins. I've taken it off the charger and its not whistling. Did I just kill my new battery? Is it still safe to use it? I've checked the voltage, it's just over 13V.
  5. Guan Hoe, Blk 1043, No 148, Eunos Ave 3 Tel: 6746 5910 Can give them a buzz for a quote. Only have two mechs there...the master is Mr.Han, padawan is Hassan
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