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  1. Happy New Year to all the Sparkies out there!!~ Ride safe guys!
  2. confirm can get 40 points wan... 40 pts wld be safe as long as we are not relegated...
  3. Every cub has its pros and cons.. if u wan 2nd hand, u can either get a wave, x1 or spark.. wave - fuel consumption is very good x1 - nice outlook but only 110cc spark - more speed and power
  4. haiz.. final score 4-1.. the result tells it all... from my opinion, kev shld have played emre instead of barton coz emre can create more chances.. barton is as good as he didnt exist...
  5. 2-1 now.. villa scored 2 goals in 3 mins.. haiz..
  6. newcastle took an early lead, scored by owen in the 4th minute... now almost 20 mins has gone..
  7. no doubt.. chipNdale.. +2 votes.. lol..
  8. haha..i tink u still didnt notice it.. lol.. anyway it's the multiply logo, not msn...
  9. at the black outline there below.. got a few heads which looks like the msn logo..
  10. wah swee... but how come got the msn logo below? lol..
  11. anyway, the present cubs logo is not bad...
  12. ANC only left egypt vs cameroon in the final.. ghana and ivory coast just crased out ytd.. beye all i'm not too sure...
  13. As for now, we don't.. All of us, the cub riders, go outings together as one group..
  14. yes he's back... hopefully more goals coming up...
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