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  1. ranzl

    Scuba Diving

    haha. dun like lei... make mi gian go buy the waterproof casing.... no $$$ liao lar
  2. 40% stil chey?!?! tink u no need study liao. u go calculate 40% of 20k is how much lar.
  3. up to 40% only lar. anyway, best is to check w the Uni u enrolled in. upz for the tired morning..
  4. ask yeong to upload his latest pics. finally got pics of himself, setting off fireworks. haha.
  5. now part time degree got subsidy, go apply ba
  6. i tot u always call kelvin de? hehe
  7. edlan got gf!!!! siren also got bf!!!! so conicidental. lolx
  8. oh... i rmbed liao.... tink he was mentioning abt mi nearly losing $100+ dollars play the in-between game at miracle, but i won back the money in the pot. the game is abt guts de lar. anyway, i also won at the game when i played at another fren's house.
  9. ranzl

    Scuba Diving

    the reviews for the new fuji f50d like not so good comapered to its f40 n f31. nikon i duno. check out the reviews.
  10. last fri??? cant rmb liao.. wat wat? Morning ppl!!!!
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