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  1. Yup, definitely. I had a driver who gave me a middle finger when I knocked into his car mirror...
  2. alamak...came here thinking i can see bigger picture of your box graphic...turns out its small one also...hahaha!

  3. Hi there,


    Please reply the PMs that I sent you. I'm very interested in your bike. Willing to offer you full cash at 3.8K.



  4. I understand what went on... it must have been very scary! For me, I was exiting a carpark at IMM. I was at stationary position behind the stop line. Suddenly, this trailer behind me just knocked me from behind. I got the biggest shock of my life! Luckily, I was on 1st gear and holding onto my front brakes! I was also with FF helmet and armoured jacket. (I must take the opportunity to thank these 2 riders who helped me lift up my bike! To the 2 riders, I really appreciate both of your help! ) I was in a state of shock. But I was still able to muster enough courage to ride the bike s
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