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  1. I'm planning to ride to penang leaving on the 25th April 2018 coming back 1st may 2018. 25th April 9am leave Singapore via 2nd link 1pm reach klang for bak kut teh then head for genting via ulu yam 4pm stay genting first world hotel 1 night 26th April 10am leave genting for ipoh for cave and food tour stay 1 night 27th April 11am leave ipoh for penang going to stay at park royal batu Ferringhi 3Nights as usual touring penang and eat and beach relax 30th April 11am leave penang head home with a possible stop in malacca for a night. Cruising
  2. bro this bike is not the 7r model. its the zxr750L1. but nevertheless it brings back good memories.
  3. Was wondering any burgman 650 riders out there interested to share feedback on bike. Test report (Non Bias) Firstly it is a very comfortable scooter but a bit on the heavy side 270kg. It is quiet when cruising and gives around 20-24 km per litre of petrol. when topping up petrol must be careful cannot top to max or it will overflow and very messy. With the mirrors open it cannot squeeze through traffic you have to close the mirrors in advance. the heated grips and seats are of no use. It can hit 120-130 km/hr effortlessly and quietly. But the handling and cornering is not as good as a Tma
  4. u mean he is the guy who rode to loas with that bike?????? yes confirm he is the one.....hehe mr iron butt!!!!! i bet he can out ride ride me anytime man. Im no iron butt. haha.
  5. cant lah becos morning got to do things wish i can join u guys:)
  6. have a safe trip guys! i will be in JB in the afternoon jalan jalan ........ desaru highway is nice road..... enjoy...
  7. what kind of bike r u riding bro can go at 80 only?
  8. A formosa got nothing lei.as for me i will stay back in cameron and relax 1 more day i hope that is ok with the organizer. BTW is it 3-5 or 15 - 17sep?
  9. hi want to join us at frasers hill? may have 1 more lady rider (fazer600) going.

  10. hi,

    is this your 1st time riding up? steady lah u.

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