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  1. Afternoon spankers. My spark for sale plate number - FCF *F COMES with bibuto susp, ducati 848 1seater, footrest harleydavidson, handle change to joystick easy control and gear 1 meter compom out. Fc is 1l/km. No pain no game. Lowballes offer me. High ballers f.o.d
  2. haha wilbers susp only mrt people can handle hahah sioool
  3. my spark add bitubo suspension meter game
  4. 1. leman - $10 2. -=sparkan=- - $30 3. STARRMOOOCHIE - $50 4. [email protected] - $10 5. Bunny_hui - $10 6. Samurai8410 - $10 7. BoThug - $10 8. bam-bino - $10 9. Slackspark - $10 10. akulahajak - $10 11. fadzly88 - $10 12. Ismail G-Unit- $10 13. Anonymous - $50 14. duo - $10 15. Lim Ah Wan- $10 ohhh yeahh pick it up!! more!
  5. i can go but not not gng to track.... as in race. if just go can ah how bout andy?
  6. the one played me out is the one asked me alot of questions .. in the end when the actual deal comes, he said he got a better deal. that was when i waited for him at mrt 1 hour.. wow.. very good reason
  7. give it a shot. night not noe its your true love.... its his ex aniwae..
  8. what! no matter what he do still can claim mah... u got witness and evidence? engage ur ow lawyer.. trust me dun wait long2
  9. wah like dat best fren become worst enemy... sure kana caughtn1day hehe... i think ts in the first place oredi got abit2 mix feeling when u saw her hehe
  10. it was on display at *scape yestday.... gotta say noice baike! only tank abit big.. side mirrors not bad tho.. tail light gotta mod abit.. they not bringing in orange colour.. only got red and black
  11. samurai8410

    IMG 0249

    actually kau nak amek gambar apa man
  12. hey duo... remember me? spark 1000cc hehe btw nice gng out with you guys
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