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  1. Hi guy! my tiger coming out in 2 weeks time hope to see u guys around! bought from Looi's 2011 model mileage only 7k+
  2. Seems like a failute again to get this bike
  3. After 5 years last i commented here hehehe hope to get my hands on on of these bike soon
  4. Sold. Closely pls thread thanx mod.
  5. Can i know which shop? Very high it take in
  6. Currently reserved loan processing
  7. Sorry bro not trading got another bike.
  8. Oh btw theres a free akra for yamaha bikes at dynasty bike fyi
  9. Its like comparing cb400x and nc750. Diff ppl diff strokes. If both doesnt makes the diff then choosing either one wont make the diff. Mt 07 is fun to ride mt 09 also fun i tried. If both same power price etc why notget a smaller cc instead just my tot of view. Well if ure riding mt09 do say hi to each other ok? Coz a few mt09 i saw actually 'sombong' when i smile
  10. Is there ani1 riding??? Saw a few otr already im riding one too.
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