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  1. Bikeshop like any other big organisation have bad staffs. In my young times, there's no good shop also. Im now taking over the motorbike dept and will take care all areas to after sales service. I will deliver a good buying experience and share my motoring knowledge so as long im still here. my reviews Carousell Google Kenneth
  2. have a pm for u thanks

  3. hi, i'm looking for a kawasaki ksr110. do u have any available? first hand or second hand? may i know the machine price pls. and how much would u roughly take in for a FBA gilera runner vxr200 '05 model? pls pm me if u have any. thanks in advance.

  4. Hi,

    I would like to enquire, i am not actually sure of the procedure.

    The owner is selling his r606 for 16k with balance instal of 9k total.

    I want to trade in my gixer k4 with a total balance instalment of 8.5k for his r606.

    Is this possible by going through you guys for refinancing?

    If yes, how does it go about? Wat do both parties need to do? Need to have?

    Pls get back to me asap as i need to make arrangments quickly.

  5. hey i want to check drz 08 still in stock? i went ur shop on fri and steven told me evryting..tis few days raining heavily.. scared later dun have stock.. aniwae e promotion still on ryte?

  6. hi can i check how much is cbr 1000rr 08 and 09 cost? and wats the insurence like for 21 yr old second party, plus how much do i have to downpay? is there any early settlement fee?

  7. boss still do reloaning anot?

  8. hi, i would like to ask. i had a krr150 which is hire purchase under ur shop.

    and now i don wanna ride anymore and wanna push back to ur shop. how much do i need to pay ? my installment is 174*24mths. i paid up 5mths already..

  9. Global Motor

    NEXUS 300 2009

    GUYS!!! NEXUS 300 WTS AT $7800 CALLING ME NOW !!84184488
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