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  1. Upz still available... í ½í¸€í ½í¸„í ½í¸Ší ½í¸‚
  2. Letting go this baby at $5600, servicing with motul engine oil and iridium spark plug, road tax expire Jan 2020 , come with rizoma handle bar and main stand, front and rear tyres change recently, eligible for nea rebates $3500, COE expiry 31 July 2022. Min letting go at $5500, selling price Bike till 2022 Jul 31st 2020 = left 20 months from now, end of Jul 31st 2022 u take back $3500 = selling price 5500 -3500 rebates = 2000/20 months = $100 per month only. Picture as below as cannot upload Bike reserved My loss your gain,.
  3. hi LimbAt,


    i'm currently riding super 4 Ver S with the RXZ head would like to check with you do you sell those ceramic type H4 socket for H4 bulb as i intend to change to the H4 bulb for my rxz head but my current socket head for head light can't take the high temperature will conform melt.

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