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  1. Hi there, just trying my luck if you still do have the rack and top case Cheers!
  2. Hi, I am looking to sell either one of the below bikes. Personally i would like to keep both great bike, but with a baby now i need to watch what i spend. Since i have difficulty deciding though i am kinda leaning towards keeping the GS but the fazer also suits me just fine. Well will see how things develop. BMW R1150 GS [Twin Spark Model] COE: Jan 29 2024 Status: Currently Lay-up at workshop Asking price $15k (Nego) Mileage : Approx 120K ( i have not ride this bike for sometime since insurance & road tax expire) OR Yamaha Fazer 600 S2 COE: Sep 20th 2017 Status: Current
  3. hi there Anis..

    great to hear that your bike is for sale

  4. Hi Guys, i hope its ok for me to join you guys...my bike really needs a good wash Cheers! Hi guys...thanks for the seafood lunch & bike wash it was awesome. Too bad i can't wait till the end. picture of the can be found here -> http://picasaweb.google.com/anis.jarhom/VaraSeafoodLunchBikeWash17thFeb2008 Till the next trip/meet up cheers.
  5. 5. Mr. n Mrs TREX plus 3 baby TREX (will abit late coz son finish tuition at 11. juz msg me the place 6. Ande02 7. Vara8212 8. Yancurly8 9. KC 10. Phillip (Pending) Hi Guys, i hope its ok for me to join you guys...my bike really needs a good wash Cheers!
  6. Hello Guys, Let me intro myself. The name is Md. Anis aka manism and my ride is vara 125. Join you guys for the pendas trip on 1st of feb...i must say i enjoy the trip and many thanks for organizing & inviting for the trip. Though i must say its the longest short trip i've had and something i definately look forward to again. I still barely remember all' ya names...so forgive me if i get mixed up or keep on asking for all ur names again. was looking forward to the bike wash tomorrow...but hey there's alway a next time...do let me know..ctc:91890733 On the yr end trip..if
  7. hello ppl, It's nice to know there are xjr riders around. I am new to riding myself. Now waiting for my tp test on the 27th Feb after which i hope i can get hold of an xjr by then before gst goes up. Do you guys purchase your xjr from hong leong or from parallel import? I have check with hong loeng and i was quoted as below: machine price 10K OTR 13.5k++ 1st party $640 2nd party $550 Min downpayment 4k with an interest of 5%p.a. is this normal? anyone here have any contact on bike shop that can get cheaper?
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