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  1. Heyy Guys!!! Meet up for drinks n chit-chat session at Simpang Bedok today! Venue: Simpang Bedok Time: 8:30pm to 10:30pm Contact person: devillish - 91678470 naughty - 92361122 Those attending: 1) devillish 2) naughty 3) ColdFusion 4) ghost04 5) 6) 7) . . . .... Pls feel free to put ur names down if u guys r coming!!
  2. i personally wont go for shortys cos ive observed myself to b using e ends of my stock levers..so nt gd for me to get shorty lehh.. any suggestions?
  3. i was thinkin of changing to Pazzo levers.. but they definitely arent $30 lehh... $30 China made ones gd meh? can paste link for e picture??
  4. im thinking of changing to Pazzo levers.. hmmm...
  5. wad he meant was we noe of someone hu paid $34k for e bike...but im pretty sure its only one person..e rest of us i tink shud hv bought it first hand +-$25k or second hand in e low +-$20k... but if i were to choose between an R1 n our blade..i will go for e blade anytime.. its jus a beast tt hardly gives u any probs.. honda engines..practically bulletproof! lolz... but u need to noe wad exactly u want out of e bike... eg; fuel consumption? maintenance? parts? riding posture? looks? power? pros AND cons of e bikes u hv in mind? etc; etc;.....
  6. dun worry man..frm wad ive seen today..e bladerz here all siao on one! hahaha...im sure we will hv another gathering soon.. mayb u can leave ur number here so when we hv small meet ups once in awhile we can jio u along.. our indian chief ayyang n our "Roberto" Hideaway always on for meet ups.. lolz....
  7. haha.. bro.. FB is full of our unmasked plates alrd..our identities r no longer secret.. lol.. anw..thanks for e link man!
  8. ehh..he hv one more big project before tt leh..once Ghost sends him e fotos then i wanna see e finished version of e video clip he made leh! damn cai!!
  9. wow!! wad a super awesome meet up n fotoshoot!! it was great meeting everyone! it was worth changing my off day to today! Woopa!!!
  10. nex yr loh! 2012! muz save up one yr then can buy liao~
  11. i also havrn change! no $$$!!! also damn sad!
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