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  1. eh..........meet up with indra636 n not the evo????? better get some protection arbo later kena wack upside down then cant go laceing leh:cheeky:
  2. come on lah oni u alone can be friend with him?????????????? wat u mean is other ppl cannot be a friend of him???????? pls think before u post:thumb:
  3. WOW~~~ i knw alot of indian stores plata taste beri nice now then i knw evo u also sell beri nice plata tooo:thumb:
  4. its getting colder here liao better go and do something more meaningful liao~~~~ ~~~~~~
  5. totally agree with u this is wat i call "GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE" :thumb:
  6. actually i dun really care who win or lose lah most importantly is $$$$$$$$$$$$$ whatever sh|t or crap not interested $$$ make my world goes round :thumb:
  7. btw feimao can i join in with u for the collection of the money??? i also abit hard up for hard cash tooooo.
  8. i also find abit xi lan but welll......wat to do some ppl will wake up their idea, some forever wont wake up wan... sad but true lah in this world there alot alot of jiao kia hm pat ho hi ho wan lah........
  9. wah so fierce eh~~~!!!! i think since both evo and global are talking more on NSHW, 200+km/h and top speed why not set a time and date???? how about setting the meeting point at GP esso???? juz a suggestion. cheers:thumb:
  10. wah got show to see liao lor weee~~~~
  11. meee???? u saying me???? is it me???? really me huh??? lolllzzzz......
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