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  1. xxx CANCELLED xxx LC foodcourt - 13 July 2011 - Wednesday Nite 8pm till late xxx CANCELLED xxx
  2. Bro bernard ... was raining in the North last night ... so boh go; next time kopi on me hor
  3. Bro bernard ... what time and duration you will be at LC foodcourt ?
  4. have you collected yr cb750 oready or not ?
  5. Bro max_nhk ... muz buy Brother bernard kopi mah then can talk abt the price for the suspension lor
  6. Guys ... the Mao Shan Wang @ Pagoh is When can we hear THE Sound
  7. should be Euro 454, excluding shipment from CMNSL. http://www.cmsnl.com/honda-cb1000-1995-usa_model7203/partslist/F++24.html
  8. i will check for you the next time i pop by. wOw ... yr bike is going thru an extreme make over
  9. wOw ... so much effort put in yr bike. For the hazard light, muz go and source for the switch lah. Any mechanic that has good wiring knowledge can do the job. I will show you the switch on my bike the next time we meet .. how about this coming Wednesday - 06 July ?
  10. Why the Benjamin Generation? And what is the Benjamin Generation? Well, the Benjamin Generation refers to the end-time generation, the generation of believers before Jesus comes again. This generation is marked by God’s grace. Benjamin’s life was a life of undeserved favour and blessings. When baby Benjamin was born, his mother actually called him Ben-Oni, which means ‘son of my sorrow’. But his father Jacob called him Benjamin which means ‘son of my right hand’ (Genesis 35:18). The Bible says that when our LORD Jesus died on the cross for our sins, He became ‘A Man of sorr
  11. next next time then ride your HD ... the next gather muz ride your cb750 hor our necks are longer than the giraffe oready
  12. Durians are meant to be eaten lah Lonely Biker huh ... where r all the Lighters ? I will be going for moto-V’s Durian Ride on Saturday 02 July. Those interested can sign up here: http://www.moto-v.sg/forums/index.php?showtopic=1990&st=0entry44359 i intend to go for the full Course a) Breakfast @ Kulai b) Pagoh For Durian c) Bekok Waterfall for a Cool Dip d) Sunset Seafood dinner @ Danga Bay Kelong i am always not alone ... my childhood friend, Kelvin Chia will be joining me for the 1st time with moto-V ... riding his BMW K1200 Moreover, this Friday - 1st July ..
  13. Yap, the cb750f was the model that i liked and ogle in the past. but when i saw the current model RC42 ... that is the model that has captured my heart
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