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  1. All fuel tanks are not accurate. Always that +/- 0.1 or 0.2 L. As for base plate... can get from Suzuki Guan Hoe. Alternatively, no need top box if not going to pack a lot of things everyday.
  2. No need remove helmet at Passport auto-counters, especially at Tuas. Unless requested at Bike Check area.
  3. I was informed the engine needs to be lowered. Guess that's why the 2 man-days required. Will factor this in to include other replacements concurrently when the time comes. Thx.
  4. Btw, what's the total damage for CVT belt change? I presume must go back Suzuki, yah?
  5. Wahsey. CVT Belt rated at 100k km... and you chiong until 177k? Powderful.
  6. Hmm... my Burg650 L6: Mileage : 32,000km (9 months) Location Visited: Genting, Penang, Betong, Krabi and Kanchanaburi. Issue? Replaced right side mirror free of charge due to factory defects. Servicing: Normal EO, gear oil, oil filter, plugs, etc. Nothing special. Reliable? Of course.
  7. Can also buy the grip puppies and wrap over the original hand grip.
  8. Bouncing got screeching sound = main stand needs lubrication. Moving off got screeching sound = clutch pad or clutch bell got issue. Go get it cleaned or replaced.
  9. ALL bikes must warm up lah. Even cars. Especially when cold start. All engines need time for oil to warm and move around to lube the parts inside. Go read your bike manual. They will recommend moving off AFTER the temp has reached a certain level. Furthermore, the bike would be more responsive when fully warmed. Just need to start the bike and then take your time to put on jacket, helmet and gloves, etc. Or spend some time checking through for faults, especially 1st thing in the morning.
  10. I got mine previously from Cypher, in this SBF. Now I guess he moved to his facebook, go search Lifepower Lithium. I think Skyrich type should be similar. Used for 4.5 years and sold with the bike. Now new bike also using lithium. Very fast charging. No issue starting bike after 1 month no touch.
  11. Maxi box are ok. Normally must use with the monokey base plate.
  12. Wait for a while. COE still very high. Bike shops predict it will lasts half a year until Mah Motor finished up all their 200+ old COE and the market will stabilises.
  13. Plan for enough rest stops. Every hour would be a good guide for pee stops. High rpm small bikes should not maintain too high rev for too long. Don't travel alone at night. Day ride is good so you can have better reaction time. Scan essential documents into your handphone or save in clouds/google drive. Keep contacts of tow services. Proper service of bike (cannot be stingy on this) and proper riding gears. Bring good gps. KL... damn messy roads.
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