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  1. Hi, as for this hard break in promotion, do I need to prearrange with you say advance in a week or so before i can bring my bike down or I can just bring my bike down for you guys to help me breakin the bike? how long does the whole process take? cos i taking my bike this Wed.
  2. of course will join u all for outing man. i will continue to read this tread too. its a habit for me alread..haha
  3. bros i trading in my gsr this wed alread... enjoy the times outing with u all ya!
  4. should get around the same price one rite. i 25 years old, just pass 2
  5. icic. i goin down to bukit merah this sat. to ask should be buying from there.
  6. hi can i ask any shops offer. like i buy the k8 got include aftermarket exhaust too?
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