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  1. You shd ride more, old bikes need lots of "excercise"... the more you ride, the better she perform. East coast sounds gd... I'm free most of the weekend. We shd arrange one day for meet up:)
  2. Hi bro, how are you? Me too busy with my 2 little "monster"...haha, trying very hard to find time for riding. W800 looks cool...go for it
  3. I heard frm someone tat u sold ur CB750. So surprise that u actually sold this bike...
  4. Thats very rare in sg...airhead still looks better than oilhead...more reliable also.
  5. My elder boy already go to full day child care, he seems like enjoying so far. More independent after going to the child care. Must really try to meet u guys for coffee one day.
  6. Sorry bros...i'm on "duty" ...can't meet u guys for the ride
  7. Due on early sept... its a boy . What abt u chris, boy or girl? when due? I'm grounded too. Now can only ride to work. Day ride to malaysia during my off day( normally thur and fri) Reason for riding in the day cos my wife working, son in child care. So i can ride. Night will be a bit difficult. Anyway, let me knw what time and where u guys meeting. Maybe can drop by. Just give me a call or sms
  8. Very nicely done up CB250N cafe racer..btw way, bro...since u bought a ST11, we can go touring together next time ya... Better ride more before u ve a kid. For me, i'm going to be grounded soon
  9. Bro, are you staying around hougang area. I say one T100 in the multi-storey carpark.
  10. Hi guys, i'm currently attending courses in Hong Kong. Happen that there is a 2008 Bike show here, lots of vintage bike in hong kong!!! One of the owner own the 1969 BSA A65 since day 1...Saw one GPZ 900 that was actually restored in Japan, very nicely restored...Too bad i only ve my camera phone with me Check out this website, there are some pic of vintage bike in hong kong... http://www.cam-hk.com/innerPageVehicles_motors.html
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