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  1. My personal observation is that the Burgman 650 exec is not a popular bike in Singapore as compared to burgman 400 and Yamaha T-max. IMO, it is not popular because not many know what goes under the hood of a B650. Generally Suzukis in SG are underrated - Mostly only know Gixxer & Haya or DRZs. Previously on DL650 for more than 7 years. Good mileage per tank vs Torque as it is V-twin engine. When I explained more about B650 almost all those I talked to gave me a stunned look. Wow I didnt know it is like that one... etc) IMHO I think it is due to T-max being more sporty and handles better and due to the almost-same-size of burgman 400 and 650, buyers will buy B400 instead of B650 due to its lower financial commitment and licensing requirements (Class 2A versus 2) Besides the fact it is a good scooter & all rounder. Other important factor is peer pressure. Sports scoot for 2B maybe Xciting 400 that not all will accept Taiwan scoot. X-max 400 might be slightly over priced .. not to mention the new X-max 300. Rest are normal Maxi scooter which are generally meant for comfort transport. But frankly if anyone wishes to upgrade FROM B650, he/she will surely face disappointment as I do because there is really no scooter to upgrade to. Unless you enter the league of big touring motorcycles. SRV850? Scooter too big a cc , fuel consumption will go down. Really want big bike should move back to manual bike... Generally I feel you know what you need. Comfort, space, no belt... B650 is the one Given the pricing range for B650 vs CG650T vs Tmax is around the same in SG's context.... So really see what you want in the end.. .Sports? Branded? Executive? purely 2 cents worth...
  2. no need to waste time emailling. Pay a personal visit. Automotive business locally still very old skool. Many things happen via direct liasing. Not to mention special deal and whatnots.
  3. Ur nick sounded so familiar but i cant locate your nick in my contacts. I pmed you. Will add you to our chat group.
  4. Wow price really upz ... thanks to Gahment policy
  5. B200/B400/B650? Most cig butt adaptor should work Shop = Guan Hoe?Ac Motor?Others There are quite a handful of discussion just prior to your post. Should spend some time reading will get your answers. There are very little posting here if you have noticed as compared to other threads. No problem, all happily riding.... nothing much to discuss.
  6. how on earth did you manage to clock that 26km/L? OMG...... My best only 21~
  7. anodise57

    Honda PCX 150

    For information... https://sg.carousell.com/p/77403354/ ~ Premium version with Silver Panel ~ Monolock with Monokey Design ~ Factory fitted hooks for cargo net application ~ Orignal GIvi Cargo Net (designed for E43NML) ~ Factory fitted backrest~ Fits 2 Helmet ~ Flexishell inner padding~ Universal Baseplate Z113C PCX installation example shown as above
  8. Thats good review!!! Agree suspension needs lotsa improvement.
  9. Imagine a shalf driven... basically everything is similar......
  10. a) last heard 28k++, Own respective favorite shop, AC Motor, other feel free to add in. b)You will need to do some reading up here http://burgmanusa.com/forums/15-burgman-650/ http://images.gizmag.com/gallery_lrg/1909_17.jpg From riding coming 3 yrs. . for normal maintainance 1) EO 2) Trans oil (using same EO)| 3) Gear oil 4) EO filter 3)Non of those i known have change so far for the 2013 model onwards. Because we are not running on belt, variator, Uclips etc.... From what I understand from Guan Hoe's new workshop manager. No one outside of Japan is authorized to repair the CVT transmission. If there is anything wrong ...which is years down the road..... change the whole module 3K ++ http://www.suzukimotorcycles.com.au/sites/default/files/styles/model_key_feature_default/public/images/AN650L3_CG_Engine.jpg Highly suspect you can consult AC motor for quotation of servicing the CVT unit... I only heard the 2003,2005 model has done before. Basically there is only 2 variation. 2003-2012 & 2013 onwards. Rest inbetween the years only color diff
  11. Got new box from Givi.... Monolock with monokey features. This is the full premium version. Comes with everything you see, Givi Net, Hook, Base foam,Base plate. Holds 2 helmet nicely even though its 43 litres. Going for $180 more information msg me 9889 8161
  12. Signal light same for all 1156 connector signal bulb. Rear Stop/Brake is 1157 ... if u looking to change to LED
  13. As in Sporting Motors event? Or "sporting" event
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