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  1. Hi Logan, I've sms you.

  2. gpood afternoon sir.


    still interested in the SD990r? MAY BE thinking of letting go.....

  3. one of my current squeeze, the Diavel, seems to drink a lot, and no doubt has only one boob (one headlight), yes maybe the legs are too long (wheel base), may have one rear tat maybe a bit too phat, and may break my bed if we get in together, but i still like/love her; yes, for me, its a passion. : )
  4. : ) thanks for reply; seems like i have to surf Ebay again. : ) there is one more unit of same model kz750 laid up by a mechanic/bikeshop owner. his bike parts are 9/10 original but in a 5/10 condtion. i reckon he will need to do a bit much more re-conditioning than me, if he were to start the rebuild project. ok, if u guys have a gathering, please allow to join in. : )
  5. Hi to 736cc and all on this thread, I have a 1984 Kawasaki kz750, just rebuilt after being laid up for 5 nearly 6 years ( was playing with other toys ) Now, I need a set of four carbs for this particular model and the meter, can anyone help? Would to search here n locally before I start gg eBay. Above mentioned items are currently not in good working condition; albeit still running acceptably okay. Thanks in advance!
  6. longan9

    Kawasaki 1400s

    the choices being: Harley XR1200 ? Ducati MultiStrada ? BMW GS? Ducati Diavel ? Yammy Super Tenere ? or the new BMW R1200R ? : )
  7. hidden meaning: "stock-like" : )
  8. Full black, only the logos are red.... so, i am ok? : )
  9. hehehe... Mr. [email protected], love me, dun hate me.... LoL : )
  10. Thanks, Dinie! Have to exchange the b-king upon collection day, should be middle of next week : )
  11. thanks! The kawa got carb issues; ordered some parts two months ago, good news is the parts arrived but now top of engine block seeping oil, tat one small matter. Just a while more to go. But, hehehehe, play with new toy first : )
  12. try Ducati first; never own Duke b4. : ) one pre-owned GS in Excel gg for S$36k plus, and one year old; after some consideration, i think try Ducati first la. besides, oredy got one "old" BMW to play with. : )
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