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  1. yalor... i heard from cs u wana buy nsr again? ^^ can go rounding again lol
  2. yah.. some ppl are jus lidat man.. nv keep words de what to do? pay money already v hard get back wan.. i kanna so many times before lol... LL man... @ryan hes the prev owner of ur current nsr?
  3. just imho... buying used things always must check properly.. test also must test properly.. if after a period of time the buyer complain... what can he do if the seller dont want to refund? whose fault exactly is it? im not siding anyone but just hope everyone remember the risk of buying 2nd stuff especially electronic stuff! it can go kaput anytime! sometimes also cannot trust buyer/seller's word.. sad to say this but its true. want to buy? can..test properly first! my 2c (pls dont flame me ^^)
  4. wah ai sio pa ar? lol wat happen sia ryan?
  5. no leh where rich, half half with gf ma.. cannot afford alone also.. 2nd hand! 3 1/2 yr old car! half price from new
  6. siao where got so much wan the premium. under 21 also not so siong leh. where u check wan? check ntuc la sell the 125z loh, use r6 for transport getting a 2nd hand alfa romeo 147, its a very cute hatch!
  7. ya thats why dont buy 1st hand cl2, wah i regret man lose so much... now xim tia to let go also cause i sell this yr and i sell next yr not THAT much diff in price hai but by this week i getting my 147 (share with my gf la).. so i also duno how, can dong a while, but ultimately the r6 has to go sooner or later u pass ur cl2 lah, then take over! keep 2 bike no prob la
  8. slurp lanciau! fix on a chamber lah, its a lot diff from a std exhaust/mod std exhaust!
  9. ok when u all going? weekday or weekend? i ok for next week anyday
  10. wow! when are you gonna ride ur 'big bike'? come let me see! cbr? s4? gsx4? zxr4? rvf?
  11. sure boh. pass for the sake of bert. wahseh! its ur licence, u pass or not it actually doesnt really affect me HAHAHHAAHAHHAHAHAAHHA. i told u many many times liao the past couple years remember? wah nic also bo jio me wan, sad man i wonder if i remember how to go the bt indra beggar chicken lol, suddenly feel like eating
  12. i just wana say, dont stress yourself xiang! getting licence in 2mths (hopefully) at 19 is a big achievement! dont need to go on and on saying xia suay all that, wahlau make those of us who got 2b at 21 paiseh only! nite guys! nice meeting yall thomas, if you going agl help me say HI to ah jie! very long time never see him, i think the last time i saw him was when me and flykite went in to have pizza with him lol tmr sure KO at work wan lol
  13. wahlau, i prolly only can 1130 onward lol, but anywhere can! how!!!!!!!!! cham lah lidat
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