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  1. I need the bubble ...how much are you selling ??

  2. hey mate, does ur speedometer in good condition?

    For KRR,

    how much is it?


  3. hie bro do u haf e pix? can u email me @ [email protected]... tanx...

  4. bro, im selling full standard used tzm cover set, how much is ur budget? msg me at 82284256

  5. Hw much??? U qoute me lh if i qoute 50 hehe... Side stand have?

  6. my 1 seater is e same as my display pic...

  7. my 1 seater is e same as my display pic...

  8. bro your sgl seater look like how?

  9. Hi all! need any krr parts? bike scrap soon!!!! contact me at 98140045 for pricing can view den buy also nid to clear b4 hari raya... otherwise can view my thread @ garage sales. tanx >> http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php/328008-krr-items-for-sale....bike-going-to-be-scrap
  10. Bro. motor Aku problem. Start, mati2. api ada, plug ok, baterry ok. Aku on kunci, valve mcm tak main. Aku tak tau cdi problem ke internal problem. HP no aku:98140045


    Get back to me ASAP.


  11. bro selling my brembo at 200..interested call me 82537484

  12. Eyan

    bro aku let go tzm aku..1.2k..tggl 10 bln installment..1 bln 165.. paintwork baru bikin 2 wks ago..kalau nak pm aku..

  13. pdk how much ure selling?

  14. b01

    bro pdk pipe u selling how much?

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