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  1. Hi, Looking to sell my Komine riding jacket. Size L but fits well for 1.67m. Comes with removable soft padding. Original Price: $200 Selling Price: $60 Condition: 7/10 P.S. Will upload photos and details later.
  2. Hi, Selling my Oxford backpack. I don’t think I used before. Price: $25
  3. Hi, Looking to let go my Boblee Aero backpack. I think I only used once. Bought for $500+ Looking to sell at $200. PM if interested. P.S. Will upload photos later
  4. Hi I have 3 pairs of riding gloves to let go. RS Taichi (Black and Grey): Original Price - $70 Selling - $30 Condition - 7/10. Lightly used. RS Taichi (Black, White and Red) Original Price - $70 Selling - $30 Condition - 8/10. Lightly used. Clover (Black and Blue) Selling - $20 Condition - 6/10 Will upload pictures later. PM if interested.
  5. Hi, Looking to let go my Arai Profile full face helmets. I have a pair of black and white. Black: Price - 200 Condition - 7/10. Usual wear on the cheek pads. Cleaned with helmet care. Chip on rear air intake due to a drop from bike. Another chip from the same drop. See pictures. White: Price - 300 Condition - 8/10. Used lightly and usual wear on cheek pads. No chip anywhere. Cleaned with helmet care as well. Pair Price - 450 Slightly negotiable. PM if interested. P.S. Difficulties uploading pictures. PM for pictures.
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