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  2. everyone is poor la... only government rich~! =p
  3. i hope so... but no money to make my bike be naked lei~! just wonder how come his naked handle bar look nicer lei...
  4. now just u know everything had rise up the price liao ah... b'cos THEY need more money wat~! hahaha... anyway they sure go faster than me one... b'cos my scoot only can go 100+-km/h only~!
  5. i found this frm josindo~! omg.... cool man~! just click the link address on the 1st post. http://forum.jorsindo.com/viewthread.php?tid=29705&extra=page%3D1&page=1
  6. wat thing melt??? angel eyes melt ah???
  7. our gmax just a small scooter... can't catch up i think better dun join la~! hehehe... =p
  8. u so sad den DOM more sad than u ah...
  9. wat kind of big failure??? mind to share???
  10. rip his hair??? cut down his hand better den he can't cut anymore... =)
  11. i interested but i dunno wat shift i work on fri woh... haiz~!
  12. walao... u ah ask ppl watch on website ltr mata catch u ah~! u dunno this movie is not make u laugh one meh??? stephen chow trying to make ppl cry sure not funny la.... u know anot??? :faint: :faint: :faint: :faint:
  13. my scoot oso goin for 2nd ful service soon le... =)
  14. hi hi everyone~! i'm back... =) anyone miss me??? =p CEO bas we'll waiting for u to upload how to do angel eyes on our gmax~! hehehe...
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