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  1. Sold to nice gentleman. Mod, please close sales thread
  2. Let me know when u'd like to know. As I'm seldom on-line, can message or wassap me for viewing, cheers
  3. I'm looking at 29.5k (Nego) for a mint, showroom looking bike. Nego upon viewing. Have a nice day.
  4. Hi, I am selling a mint 2014 R9T with genuine 1,100KM since day one with single ownership. PML, agent unit and annual servicing is done although low mileage. Never dropped, track or even gone overseas. View to believe, like new. Viewing can be done in the east (7pm-9.30pm) or at Kaki Bukit area from mon - fri (9am - 6pm). I can be contacted at 9688 8078. Bike sales without number plate as it will be sold separately. Thank you and have a nice day.
  5. Hi, please pm me if your have a Ducati sports classic for sale. Cheers
  6. still selling ur vesoa

  7. Been awhile since coming to this forum....you guys cool and offer so much entertainment...teach everything from bike mechanics to proper way to organise meet-up...thumbs up mate!! Ride safe....
  8. Vintage bikes Meet Location: Kampong Glam Cafe, Bussorah street Time: 2100Hrs(9.00pm) Date: 08 April 2011 Bussorah street is very near to arab street, please refer to the map. We cannot go KFC anymore, no more free parking there. Long time never see and meet all the vintage bikes. Let meet and catch up a bit All bike and made are welcome. Do drop your name down if you can make it 1. 736cc-90682904 2. Phang – 98437734 3. Ris 4. jali 5. Just check my four cannot idle.....too long no ride.......will come down. 6. Me - sake650
  9. Sorry bro, got ya message but was riding across the causeway and just got back....wanna ride tomorrow? Join the duc guys??
  10. So who finally bought the last mint condition paul smart....better own up?? hahaha...congrats on getting such a beauty!!
  11. wahaha....a picture of smart paul ah??? Went straight down to minerva just now, paul smart still avail...beautiful condition but hand to short, leg not long enough to ride that beauty...walk away disappointed that i didn't choose basketball as ECA over soccer....sigh!! Now too late to reverse it man!!
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