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  1. Boliao, seems like u have loads of fun with your divvy. Oxy and myself also have loads of fun when we are on NSH on 28 sep . Should Jio u that day lah, kind of fun riding with 30 over bikes . Rit Oxy ? Just curious , what is the top speed anyone in this forum have achieved for the Divvy 900.
  2. Just joking lah, Thanks for jioing, but can only join you next time lah. Some D&D that nite, follow by melaka trip next morning with Oxy. Next time, remember to include me hor. hee
  3. Boliao - u ' Wang En Fu Yi' ar. Never invite me If early know , then i dont tip u about HL price of Divvy at sgbikers liao.
  4. Aiyah, i no divvy owner mah. You update me during ur Oxygen session can liao. Somemore the topic is about Divvy, guess u all have Divvy related things to post mah. Later i post rubbish, will kana run over by Divvy left, right, center one leh. Oh yah, remember to invite me to the first meeting on the formation of SDC- S'pore Divvy Club hor!
  5. Only 80 km/h ha ha!! dont bluff!! U already cruising at 120 liao.
  6. Finally the proud owner speaks. Guess u link loss lar Legan is the one who spotted u. How? Oxy. Next week, ur bike ready to go to malacca? I think ur bike break in or not also never mind, u flick ur throttle a bit already 120. Think if my bike got no vtec, i will not be able to follow behind u. Guess when u fully break in, i will see u disappearing from the horizon liao. Boliao > Maomao's fren = Oxygen. This morning then know.
  7. Got to wait for Boliao to get his bike and settle his stuff. Guess we let boliao call the shot. BTW i am not a divvy owner, possibly one in the future My friend mentioned he would like to meet boliao, same bike can exchange info mah. Actually still waiting to for my friend to log onto this forum leh. Wonder what nick will he use ???
  8. Aiyah, the odometer is in miles lah. So it is actually 160 mile at 1/4 tank lah. Worry for nothing. Boliao, when get bike can arrange to meet up. Think its quite cools to see a few Divvy together.
  9. Thanks for the link, will keep u updated about what Mr Lee have to say about this problem.
  10. Thats why its abnomal lor, my friend will call the agent tomorrow to see what is wrong? Hopefully its just the fuel indicator or sensor problem.
  11. Boliao's no. plate should be after that. The silver diversion FV5114 belongs to my friend, just touch the road on Saturday morning. BTW , would like to consult Cougar regarding the fuel consumption . The reserve that u refer to, is it the 1/4 tank mark ? My friend's diversion seems to be a bit abnormal, now mileage only 160km already at 1/4 tank mark. How come fuel consumption so high huh? Three days old bike only leh? Please advise?
  12. Give them a call lah. U can find their number on this page. http://www.hlcorp.com.sg/yamaha-motor/ So far i find them quite friendly.
  13. Okay, so thats the case. Guess the motor diam wont put more then $10 worth of oil inside rit?
  14. Hi, Some question about the part on running in. After reading a few article on hard break-in, i have more or less accepted the part about allowing the engine to rev freely and using mineral oil during this period. As i have rev my S4 to about 10k a few time liao and is running on mineral oil. But i am keen to know what type of oil is put inside the engine by the manufacturer ? Because i only change to mineral oil at 500km. If it is synthetics, wouldn't it defeat the purpose of breaking-in. Guess the manufacturer wont be so generous rit? Just want some opinion. Thanks!
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