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  1. hi people, selling my Ducati Dark Rider Helmet by AGV. Sized L. Kindly refer to link for pictures and details. http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php/384793-DUCATI-Dark-Rider-(2013-Model)-Helmet-by-AGV?p=7911381#post7911381
  2. Ummm... I don't have Facebook

    Do u have an email? Or LinkedIn account?

  3. OOps... missed your this comment for 3 years now. Might as well give me your facebook, i add you from there.

  4. Yep, but the battery hafta be 12V else it dies within days!
  5. Yes it should. Ive placed mine in a bag along with alot of stuff and it works fine.
  6. I bought a new oem wire harness for the whole bike, and raymond had to use some from my old bike to connect for the tacho, u can ask raymond and see what's best if u intending to change
  7. Yes bro it was a headache to calibrate the thing
  8. Thanks bro, just got everything fixed up last tuesday. Bike been there for 2 months lol.
  9. Sorry shops IDK maybe others can help. However being a new owner of one, i would suggest you check the condition of the most expensive or hard to find parts first before buying (carb, wire harness, shocks). I bought the M400 on the 31st July and i'm only about to collect it from the workshop this friday.
  10. http://www.singaporebikes.com/used_bikes_home
  11. Hi all, am ordering a new M400 carb online, mitsu_nut on ebay is selling it for USD280 exc shipping. More we buy is cheaper, so if u are looking to replace one let me know. Minerva selling $2000
  12. Hi guys, was wondering if anyone knows if i can buy a '95 M600 (UK) harness for my M400? Rebuilding the bike doesn't come cheap r sure!
  13. Hi guys, i'll be taking over a M400 tomorrow and am intending to rebuilt the bike starting from the inside out. I will be leaving my bike with Ray for 3 weeks. For the kind and experienced souls, where would you recommend i start with for legal performance modifications? Also, has anyone had experience ordering from MisterCarbonio? Am thinking of ordering a CF tank as well http://www.mistercarbonio.com/index.php/ducati/monster-400/serbatoio-in-carbonio-ducati-monster-600-900-750.html
  14. hi do i know you? add me on msn since i hardly login to SBF now. thks :) [email protected]

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