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  1. good one... will try to make it if situation is stable after the borders r open..
  2. Simon Soh

    Honda PCX 150

    I think Ive found the plm for my engine oil consumption.. last week after I replaced my oil filler cap(which comes with the oil level stick) with new a O ring(total cost $7 from FJT).. for the past 4days I observed there r no dropping oil level. I otr like at least 14 hours a day doing food delivery. Im still monitoring.. will provide feedback again soon.. ;)
  3. Simon Soh

    Honda PCX 150

    recently Ive some experience with my 2013 PCX150 to share.. twice with after market belt which claim to last longer than the original Honda..... 1st belt only less than 4 weeks to snap on me during work.... 2nd belt found breakage when I perform an inspection on 2nd week... being a long hour user for food delivery, this type of quality really caused me unnecessary down time n work disruption. I replace it back to stock 23100-KZY-701 belt got from FJT at $35... I also replaced pair of face drive22102-KZR-600 & 22110-KZR-600, rollers & clips, also replace the complete assembly of clutch pulley 23205-KZR-600. inside the clutch pulley r 2 bearings we need attention...especially the rollers pin bearing.. it is exposed, need frequent servicing for cleaning & greasing to prolong bearing life span & performance. just to share....hope it helps.. ;)
  4. Simon Soh

    Honda PCX 150

    I seldom change eo..... my old pcx150 consume eo..some where is sipping out or head is burning eo. i fill up about 50ml for every 500km of every 2 alternate days..
  5. Simon Soh

    Honda PCX 150

    same for my ST1300....manual also recommend to use any multi grade of SAE30.... not available off the shelf here.. for both I use Mobil 1 fully synthetic multi grade SAE 40..
  6. Simon Soh

    Honda PCX 150

    i din really count....just change when feels like it... i use if almost daily for work doing GF.. a lttle unusual i feel it.. but i uncover our belt have long life span...not as shop mentioned the short repllcement interval.. most important are the front drive pulleys wear tear n properly lubrication with the bearings.. I took it to tire shop for help to unbolt the super tighten bolts of both pulleys n carry on from there. Simon Soh
  7. Simon Soh

    Honda PCX 150

    my old pcx 150 is reading voer 130,000 km now.. new clutch was replaced last Dec..... some how i took out the clutch pulley assembly and lubricate the roller n ball bearings with high temp bearing grease, the vibration almost gone n pick up speed is faster n reaponsive.. I guess the root plm were the bearings dry up due to long hours of usage almost daily.. Ill monitor n provide feedback..
  8. I have a big head too... Im using HJC helmet now with XXL. Try Motoworld... Good luck~~
  9. Simon Soh

    Honda PCX 150

    I got a used PCX150 last year for work.. not too long ago i started to experience great vibrations during move off.. anyone experienced it before..?
  10. nowadays lesser ST1300 on road.. sad.....
  11. Our mind is the will to do almost everything you or anyone thought is not doable if you want to. Once you ride out our border you are on you own, be prepared with the unexpected. Would be good if you get to know your bike well with the common periodic problem and keep maintenance interval up to date. In the event of breakdown you could be able to rectify it yourself. Travel light as much as possible, bring along only the needs, the rest can get disposable during your journey. Fully prepared or not you will need to travel with a positive mind. Good luck...
  12. Hello....you too ä½ ä¹Ÿå¥½ .
  13. Wobbling could be few factors...wears on tire threads or steering cone or least possible is tire balancing.
  14. NC700 was a very pocket friendly bike....simple bike with very very good fuel economy.... the only down side is her power... if compare to ST they are way different level of riding. ST1100 & ST1300 both have proper weight balanced for handling, whereas NC is way out if side panels are installed.
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