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  1. I have a big head too... Im using HJC helmet now with XXL. Try Motoworld... Good luck~~
  2. Simon Soh

    Honda PCX 150

    I got a used PCX150 last year for work.. not too long ago i started to experience great vibrations during move off.. anyone experienced it before..?
  3. nowadays lesser ST1300 on road.. sad.....
  4. Our mind is the will to do almost everything you or anyone thought is not doable if you want to. Once you ride out our border you are on you own, be prepared with the unexpected. Would be good if you get to know your bike well with the common periodic problem and keep maintenance interval up to date. In the event of breakdown you could be able to rectify it yourself. Travel light as much as possible, bring along only the needs, the rest can get disposable during your journey. Fully prepared or not you will need to travel with a positive mind. Good luck...
  5. Hello....you too ä½ ä¹Ÿå¥½ .
  6. Wobbling could be few factors...wears on tire threads or steering cone or least possible is tire balancing.
  7. NC700 was a very pocket friendly bike....simple bike with very very good fuel economy.... the only down side is her power... if compare to ST they are way different level of riding. ST1100 & ST1300 both have proper weight balanced for handling, whereas NC is way out if side panels are installed.
  8. Confirmed list; 1. Simon Soh ST1300 9272 9028 2. Tinggi aka Jeff GSA 3. KENFOO18 Busa 4.. J. BlackBird 5. Cruzz_77/NC750 6. James 1190Adv 7. 8. . .
  9. Guys, those going for this ride pls meet 9pm tomorrow night at Kallang KFC for briefing, payment and bike inspection.
  10. Guys, We're meeting up on Saturday 9th Dec @ 9pm at Kallang KFC for trip briefing, bike inspection and payment. Pls come with ur bike for the trip. see u...
  11. To consolidate answer some of your queries(FAQs); 1) yes, our itinerary includes riding thru the Mae Hong Son loop. 2) we have few no-ride days for rest, but not staying over along in Malaysia, so our longest riding distance are only the 1st and Otw back. ......
  12. 15D/14N Northern Thailand Ride 3rd - 17th January 2018 ** Those interested pls indicate below with your name/nick, bike model n contact number. ** We'll meet up on 2nd weekend of Dec for payment collection and bike inspection. Further detail will discuss during our meeting. Organizers; Simon Soh ST1300 9272 9028 Tinggi aka Jeff GSA KENFOO18 Busa Confirm list; 1. Eien 2. Sng 3. James 1190Adv 4. cruzz_77/NC750/ 5.
  13. Yes still open. Will close once we after our meet up on Dec.
  14. Duration: 0500 3rd Jan - 2359 17th Jan 2018 Destinations: Northern Thailand Move Out Time/ Location: 0500hrs(5am morning) 03/01/2018 @ 2nd Link Petron (After Tuas checkpoint). Travelling Speed: Above 120km/hr Round-Trip Coverage: approximately 6100km *** Open To Class 2A & 2 2-wheel motorcycle only. *** ** This long haul ride is for frequent riders only(not for weekenders & recent reborn bikers). Most of the day we will travel early morning except no ride day, riding speed at average of 120km/h and your bike's tank range must be at least 200km+-. You need to have general
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