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  1. Updated - Price reduced to $988 for a fast deal
  2. I dun really hang out with many of them, how to connect U ??? sorry man....

  3. Hi bro... possible to connect me with members of T-max? I'm very much looking forward to a huge scooter gathering soon.

  4. Hi MingQuan, Yes, still riding my old faithful MAX, coming to my 4th year of ownership - with no intentions to sell it yet.


    can text me when U guys next meetup for kopi - 9846-6814


    nakano aka Chris

  5. Ok it ok, so long very see you in Tmax forum... You still ride? Lot of newbie for max now.

  6. sorry but I've aldy sold that off bro!

  7. Double post!

  8. Triple post!

  9. Chris! Do you still have your Tmax accessories travel bax for sale?

  10. HI<



    If U referrring to my ZX12R, its aldy sold. Tks

  11. Yes, its still for sale, details as per below:


    Bike is Registered in June 2003, there's only 2 ZX12R registered in that year, no more after that, thus this is prob the last piece of ZX12R brought in.


    I'm the 2nd Owner, since 2008. Bike is 100% accident-free, still in immaculate original paintwork.


    Mileage up till Dec 2009 is only 12,000 KM. I rode up to ChiangMai and MHS last month, and clocked 7,000KM, mileage now is 19K +.


    Comes with fresh set of Michelin 2CT front & rear, enough to last to ChiangMai and back again.


    Steelbriaded hoses front & rear, and rear hugger


    Yoshi RS3 Duplex Full-system with PC3-Usb, original pipes included


    Full set of original tool kit and single-seater.


    I can bet with you that you wont be able to find another ZX12R in such stock(outlook) & immaculate condition, this is a keeper. This is my spare bike which i hardly ride, maybe once every 2 weeks.


    Asking price: $12,500, neg upon viewing.


    call me @ 9846-6814 if keen.

  12. Bro, where to view the bike? price neg? Endcan legal?

  13. yogi

    heyhey... actually been riding a used Apr 08 Tmax for 2 weeks liao... dats why the asking on exhaust & addons... jus dun wanna to announce to the whole world.. shy ma

  14. why u guys all dun wan to use the short wind-screen after purchasing it ???
  15. hmm, know of this R1150RT rider that was asking me this same question just this afternoon....
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