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  1. hi bro,can u pm yr selling price and yr contact number.thank a lot

  2. bro,can pm me ur asking price and can u send me a pic also to [email protected] bro

  3. Hi bro, i'm Simon, interested on yr bike, can u send photo to [email protected] or contact me 90216816 let us discuss. thanks

  4. well..Mr. President..that day was the outing of the millenium i guess..we storm, KKFC, followed by CTE, then SLE finally reaching then Dam where we got no place to park also.. ..? (Black Eye Peas)
  5. all rite dude..will be lookign forward to meeting you and the samples 1. yanani XL 91052651(1 black & 1 red) 2. saLem77 XL 91804269 3. Bsk_R103 (TBC) 1 Black 96250350 4. aie XXL (1 red) 5. sanaga XL 2 pcs (1 black and 1 red) 6. ace23 XXL 9759 8587 (1 black & 1 red) 7. pum9kin_h3ad XL ( 1 black 1 red & 1 white )
  6. not sure what is the guy's name but he wears glasses but the sho name is still called pleasure motorshop and they still got the big box thats says dyno jet thingy stated on it..
  7. Hi all..just a little info to share, just retrieved my bike for Pleasure motorshop which Aie intro..sent it for valve clearance and i can say his workmanship is pretty good, start the bike and and could really felt the diff in the Rev..my conclusion to this..bike responds quicker, better, and better and moving off on the 1st gear..changing gear seems smoother too..and he even do me a small favour by installing my alarm..
  8. Is the L size really that small..? cause i usually wear M for fitting and L for loose fit, anyone knows how big is this S, M, L..?
  9. the one that you recommended dude..i can say he is good..i left it there on wed, today done, just a little more minor checks here and there then can collect tmrw when he call me..really appreciate it dude..will update the performance of the bike in here when i can.. Ya..i also agree..just the YZF R1 design is cool enough, there's no new or old generation i guess..unless it's referring to the riders la..
  10. save your breath, my frd..they will ask when no one ask..that's the trend..
  11. you can't have the best of all worlds dude..never could you involved a Yamaha and Suzuki and name it Yama-Zuki..or a Yamaha and Kawasaki and call it Yama-Saki..just a phrase for you.with great power, comes great respondsibility..
  12. heh dude..the design is black is way too cool man..i want in for the black design..if the price is good, may want to take the red or blue as well..thanks for spreading the news to our forum too:thumb:
  13. my bike sent for valve clearance..(finally)..can't join you guys liao..
  14. dude..qns like this must be asked in a more..how do i say..? nvm..main diff, their HorsePower, which means accel, top speed..and their weight of course, their full tank varies on how you ride and throttle also..if you ride a bike, think you will get what i mean..which one to get also depends on what you want more..? design i would say, both look fantastic but also depends on which year and model la, both have their pros and cons, you just got to sort out your priorities..just like choosing a girl..(no offense ladies)
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