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  1. Only LOOKS good from the outside. Tuning is rubbish, steering is rubbish, handling is rubbish, front wheel is not aligned, bolts from speedometer did not extend long enough to engage the headlight mount so headlight nearly fell off, front brake pads completely worn out even though they're claimed to be recently changed, engine keeps dying for no reason like I can be pulling through a corner at full throttle and it just sputters and dies. Like the bike is trying to kill me in one way or another. If it's not the steering wobble it's the throttle. In a very poor state that would have been imp
  2. Thanks everyone, will be sending my bike for a check up once I have some moolah. The bike rides terribly slow and weak. I think it's time for a check or overhaul. Will update you guys.
  3. Hey guys, I have a pretty serious problem with my ride. I have a 14-year old Monster 400 with M620 forks and twin rotors. When I corner at 120-140km/h, the front wobbles a lot. It starts like a slow dance, so I usually open the throttle up some more to try and ease the wobble out, but it only gets worse and starts to really go at it, like it's gyrating its yoke as if dancing with me. The last time it happened, I clung on for dear life while the wobble was so bad it nearly threw me off the bike. I was going through Lornie at 140km/h and was at full lean and it was like riding a crazy bucking
  4. Anyone interested in neoprene fork boots to protect the stanchion tubes?
  5. I see pavement, a speedometer, a kill switch, and an iPhone 4. No image of a phone mount.
  6. haha... Thanks for the invite. Can we meet on Fri instead? I'll be in New York until 2 September...
  7. What do you mean? That was very cryptic. Do you mean it is overpriced? Or do you mean that the bike needs to be chopped up? Or the carbon fibre part itself needs to be chopped up? Is there any way you could elaborate without trying to sound like you're projecting an air of mystery about you?
  8. Found this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/DUCATI-DP-CARBON-NUMBER-LICENCE-PLATE-HOLDER-MONSTER-99-/120759143502?_trksid=p3911.m7&_trkparms=algo%3DLVI%26itu%3DUCI%26otn%3D2%26po%3DLVI%26ps%3D63%26clkid%3D2295724828512024267#ht_4654wt_1163
  9. ^5 Sherm! Same issue with my bike. Believe it or not, I actually kicked upwards so hard that I sprained my left ankle.
  10. Would be happy to answer any queries to the best of my knowledge.
  11. Hi Ducati riders, I just purchased a FP-plater Monster 400. Am keen to meet up with you some time but I will be opening up my bike for the first time tonight for a simple DIY session, so I can't join you for the meet tonight. Will be changing the CDI to a Ignitech, and swapping the brake pads (they wear out so fast!)... Have a good time later and ride safely. Looking forward to meeting and learning from you all one day! Cheers!
  12. And that you can pop wheelies?
  13. IPPT? Yes, precisely why I stopped using it. It's only useful for Europe/US/other large continents where you have hundreds of miles of straight open road. There are cheap throttle locks that lock the throttle and you have to manually twist the throttle to close, there are also others that automatically disengage when you change the position. The links to all the above mentioned types are here:
  14. Eh, how can you diss my new bike so indiscriminately... Just because it has a Piaggio engine doesn't mean it's a scooter. It still looks fast when I use it for marketing...
  15. Eh, how can you diss my new bike so indiscriminately... Just because it has a Piaggio engine doesn't mean it's a scooter. It still looks fast when I use it for marketing...
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