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  1. Leo Vince! Hahaha...coz ive mounted both on mine, the Leo performance better than yoshi(49bhp-Leo vs 47-bhp-yoshi)...definitely sounds a lot better! but both was done after tuning with PC3..
  2. urs is a 400? if yes, mine at 110km/h almost touching 7000rpm...im using stock gear ratios btw..
  3. eleh...sapa yg pi sumbat tu race packing dlm Leo Vince dia dulu? Orait..nnt date dah nak dkt liase dgn belalang kacung aka Sino74... btol btol btol...
  4. Tak kisah ler...ramai dari kiter kat sini first time smua mcm tikus...senyap chuit chuit jek bunyi...dah lama2 nnt hah...ngauman harimau pon dikeluarkn!!Nice to mit u bro..rajin2 check thread utk event S4M... apadah ko...dia yg bermoto hitam, baju belang2 hitam, kasut hitam rambut hitam....tu ler...lepak tak check blindspot...
  5. Chip Mekonek ckp nak msg smlm lepas solat Jumaat? tak dpt pong...
  6. Parking kt Sg flyer carpark mmg free...nak kene selit tepi barrier...cuma masalah is the lot is very very limited...
  7. Hi bro.. Can i check with u how much does it cost to do the fi tuning stuffs like u said in my post?

  8. (Q) hi there, i have a spec 3 model 2006 with a three point ground wiring. i noticed that my seat is getting hot than normal at times. i placed an LED voltmeter and at idling it registers a green light at 12.5 volts when i turn on the headlamp switch and start to move at higher speed it register a yellow below 12.5 v then the seat gets hot. is there something wrong with my rectifier? or is it the hi tension wire with a three point ground wiring?

  9. time tu ko ader tanya asl GSR aku plate FBD eh? Akunyer one of the first few FBD yg klua pada bulan september 2008...klau ko prasan tiga number ajer...actually plate FBD dah start klua late August 2008...

  10. eh bio kau dah lame kan beli GSR kau.... aasl leh plate FBD eh??

  11. Babe, aku dah beli GSR600 (ABS version). nak tanya kau, aku plan nak letak HEPCO & Becker side boxes. Kat mana bole install kau tahu? If possible I want to know the cost of the 2 boxes plus the rack.

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