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  1. will do up one. provided most of them agree on it..

  2. wah got kopi session..im in... :)

  3. well... will organise an outing during the fasting month ok. tat will be nice n great. like those old days.
  4. boss... most probably high chance chipndale will be having a pillion for the trip..
  5. ya la... i don noe how to organise lei..
  6. i jio outing?? i don noe how to organise lei...
  7. u r very most welcome to join.. shud u have any problems, do contact bunny.. she will be able to help u... ok bunny.. thanks hor..
  8. Bunny taking public transport?? Confirm? Double Confirm? hmmmm.... u must be joking...
  9. wah... now wanna become follower sia... enjoy while u can hor... it any case. my job at cubs community is no longer needed lor.. cos now got u liao mah..
  10. Thanks for the welcome!

  11. Thanks man (: Ahah!

  12. welcome je??? baju2 ke jaket2 takde??

  13. ***Included***

    Welcome to the CUBS Community

  14. ***Included***

    Welcome to the CUBS Community

  15. ***Included***

    Welcome to the CUBS Community

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