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  1. 2B bikes value wont drop so much with in a year la. at most also less than 1k
  2. now so hightech liao. everything can do online. last time to need to chiong to LTA in the morning to siam all the long queues. haha
  3. 736cc


    haha. need people to ask q
  4. Orchard Gateway Address: 277 Orchard Rd, #04-16, Singapore 238858
  5. end up i also bought one for myself. lol
  6. i will prefer red wing shoes. i wearing them for 20 year. can wear to office and go jalan jalan. i even use them for my motorcycle touring
  7. personally feel la. i think the design of the 155 is nicer than the 900. lol
  8. XSR155 is more more chio than the 900 imo.
  9. dun buy cb190, china made engine and many reported not so good
  10. already have in sg already
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